AT900-32DY Audio Transmitter with Remote Indoor Antenna
AT900-32DY Audio Transmitter with Remote Indoor Antenna

The AT900-32DY can be used instead of other Applied Wireless audio transmitters where having a remote transmit antenna is desired.  Range is approximately 750 Feet*.  THe AT900-32D transmits excellent quality audio from any Line Level source.  32 Channels are available to enable operation of multiple units with different audio programming in the same area.  One transmitter may transmit to multiple receivers with no delay.

The Remote Antenna, connected via CAT5 cable of any length to the transmitter unit, may be located to enable better signal propagation then with a table top antenna.  A remote Outdoor antenna version is available as well.

*Line-of-Sight, when used with AR900-32 or PAR900M receivers with included receive antennas.  Greater range can be achieved using optional directional receive antennas such as the FP915-5 Flat Plate antenna or Y915-5 Yagi antenna.  expect reduced range for non line-of-sight conditions.


Transmitter Controller, Indoor Antenna Unit, AC Power Adapter, 7' CAT5 Cable, User's Guide.

Price: $279.95



Typical Applications

Line Level Input

Modulation Level Indicator

Built In Noise Reduction

Excellent Frequency Response

Crystal Reference Ensures Excellent Frequency Stability

Rugged Extruded Aluminum Enclosure

Multiple Channel Selection

No Audio Delay

One Transmitter to Multiple Receivers


Wireless "Line-In to Line-Out" Link

Distribution of Audio Entertainment Content

Wireless PA

Event Audio

PC, IPOD, MP3 Audio Distribution

Model Description Price Qty

Audio Transmitter, Stereo, with Remote Indoor Antenna.  Use with AR900-32.


Model Description Includes Price Qty

Wireless Audio Receiver, Stereo

Receiver, omni-directional antenna, AC power adaptor, audio cable, User's Guide



PRO Series Wireless Audio  Receiver, Mono, Diversity

Receiver, two 1/2-wave antennas,  AC power adaptor and User's Guide.



PRO Series Audio Transmitter.   Use with PAR900M.

Transmitter with integrated antenna  AC power adaptor and User's Guide.



Audio Transmitter, Stereo, with Remote Outdoor Antenna. Use with AR900-32.

Transmitter Controller, Outdoor Antenna Unit, Pole Mount Bracket, AC Power Adapter, 7' CAT5 Cable, User's Guide


Wireless Audio Transmitter, Stereo.  Use with AR900-32

Transmitter, antenna, AC power adaptor, audio cable, cable adaptor, User's Guide


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